Finding the materials of the future with AI and HI.

Multidisciplinary Science

Turning mineral exploration into a repeatable science with 3 ingredients



Our geoscience leads have been a part of the most significant discoveries of the last generation


Comprehensive Data Aggregation

KoBold invests substantially in aggregating all available information about the physics and chemistry of the Earth’s crust


Artificial Intelligence

Our proprietary AI tools build on a concept we call Efficacy of Information (EOI), enabling KoBold to determine which data to collect at each exploration step to maximize uncertainty reduction

Our Work

KoBold is exploring >60 projects across the globe

KoBold is building the world's largest collection of geoscience information. Using AI systems, KoBold interrogates that data to model the sub-surface in the most statistically valid manner ever.

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Our clean energy future needs more discoveries.

The industry needs to discover more than twelve trillion dollars worth of new critical mineral deposits to stop catastrophic climate change. Listen to KoBold CEO, Kurt House speak on the Catalyst with Shayle Kann podcast to discuss this problem.

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At KoBold, Ethics come first.

In all aspects of our business, we aim to meet the highest standards of safety, integrity, and respect for people and the environment.

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Watch KoBold CEO, Kurt House discuss our work in Canada for NBC Nightly News.

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Investor Spotlight

Backed by world class investors.

KoBold Metals® is privately held and backed by long-term investors committed to the discovery and development of new battery metal resources.

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